BIBB interview series on the 50th anniversary of the Vocational Training Act

The Vocational Training Act entered into force 50 years ago on 1 September 1969. On this occasion, the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training recognises the Act with a series of interviews. Leading personalities from German vocational education and training were asked about the significance of the Act.

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The Vocational Training Act entered into force 50 years ago in September 1969. In the interview, BIBB President Esser acknowledges the Act as both a guarantor of the high quality of vocational education and training in Germany and that leaves stakeholders with plenty of scope to find practice-oriented solutions.

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Before 1969, the craft trades was the only sector of the economy to provide statutory regulations for vocational education and training in the skilled crafts in the Crafts and Trades Regulation Code. What does Andreas Ehlert, a master craftsman and President of the Chamber of Crafts and Trades have to say about 50 years of the Vocational Training Act?

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Vocational education and training in 1969 saw a lot of unsatisfied young people. “If you want cheap labour, get an apprentice” was a line they were no longer willing to accept, and they were becoming actively involved in the apprentice movement. Our interviewee, Dr. Klaus Heimann, was there.

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