International Roadshow 2021

Digital Media in TVET | Realizing the goal-oriented use of ICT in TVET

International Roadshow 2021

In 2019, the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training in Germany (BIBB) initiated the International Roadshow “Digital Media in TVET”. The goal is to improve the understanding about the potential of technology-enhanced learning in TVET, and illustrate viable solutions for their sustainable integration into TVET teaching and learning practice worldwide.

This year’s BIBB International Roadshow 2021 will be realized in cooperation with the BILT project. The thematic focus will be on the goal-oriented use of digital technologies in TVET, as the clarification of the goals and purposes should always form the starting point for the design of learning applications and tools to ensure a benefit for teaching and learning in TVET. 

The BIBB International Roadshow 2021 will take place in the context of the BILT Learning Forum on 8 December 2021. To participate in the virtual event, please register here.

Interested stakeholders can also find further information in the BIBB Online Toolbox “Using Augmented and Virtual Reality in VET”.