Global networking

BIBB organizes regular meetings with its partner institutions. Various stakeholders in VET discuss current topics, identify new areas of cooperation and engage in networking. With the international roadshow format, BIBB has been offering an exchange on solutions for the sustainable integration of digital media in VET practice worldwide since 2019.

In 2006, BIBB instigated a forum of European vocational education and training institutions with the aim of strengthening existing cooperation arrangements and of establishing new cooperation agreements. This forum has led to the emergence of regular Partner Meetings.

Since 2010, meetings have been held in various regions in conjunction with the partner institutions based there. Main thematic focuses are selected so as to be of relevance to the region in question.

The first BIBB Global Partner Meeting took place in 2013 during the WorldSkills Fair in Leipzig.

International Roadshow

In October 2019, BIBB launched the first International Roadshow "Digital Media in VET" in Bangkok (Thailand). Using examples from TVET practice, solutions for the sustainable integration of digital media in VET worldwide were shown. This format aims to increase understanding among TVET stakeholders of the potential of technology-enhanced learning in TVET. 

The second virtual event took place in the context of the  BILT Learning Forum in December 2021.

On November 23, 2023, the International Roadshow took place in Latin America (Brasilia, Brazil) for the first time.