Modernisation of vocational education and training in Ukraine

The project is aligned towards making a contribution to the vocational education and training reform process in Ukraine.

The vocational education and training system in Ukraine is in a state of upheaval. Within the scope of the so-called “Torino Process”, work has been taking place in conjunction with the Ukrainian government and the ETF to identify key elements for upcoming reform of vocational training. This includes the drawing up of a legal framework for vocational education and training and the development of a National Qualifications Framework to serve as the basis for new occupational standards and examination procedures and for the design of processes for the recognition of learning achievements acquired via informal and non-formal means.

The main focus of the project is to support the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sport (MOESyS), in particular with regard to the implementation of a National Qualifications Framework, by providing suitable measures and by entering into cooperation with Ukrainian VET decision makers.
A further objective is the design of general conditions for the development of company-integrated vocational training.