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Consultancy via BIBB committees

Research planning and research results are subject to regular consultation in the BIBB committees. This feedback makes an important contribution to quality development. The main bodies involved are the Research Council and the Vocational Education and Training Research Committee, a sub-committee of the BIBB Board.

Research Council

The Research Council advises BIBB by producing official responses and recommendations, in particular with regard to the research programmes, cooperation with institutes of higher education and external research institutes and research projects and their results. Its members are appointed by the President for a four-year term.

Prof. Dr. Detlef Buschfeld (Chair)
University of Cologne

Prof. Dr. Lutz Bellmann (Deputy Chair)
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Further information on the Research Council

Vocational Education and Training Research Committee

The BIBB Board has established a sub-committee in the form of the Vocational Education and Training Research Committee to consult on issues relating to research. The Vocational Education and Training Research Committee provides responses to BIBB’s research projects and research programmes and consults on the relevance of these projects and programmes in terms of policy and practice. It is made up of representatives from the Federal Government, the federal state governments, the trade unions and the employers’ associations.

Dr. Dag Danzglock (Chair)
Lower Saxony

Dr. Volker Born (Deputy Chair)
German Confederation of Skilled Crafts

Further information on the Board

Project councils

The purpose of project councils is quality assurance of research projects. Members of project councils are selected on the basis of their specialist expertise and take on an advisory function. They serve voluntarily and are appointed by the President and proposed by the Project Head.