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Digital media

The sustainable development and the attractiveness of company-based initial and continuing education and training is increasingly reliant on digital media. The different learning locations involved in the dual system can be connected virtually to one another. Teaching and learning scenarios which are not tied to a specific time or location are evolving into a new mobile option for supporting and individualising teaching and learning processes.

For learners, complex technical systems and their functional relationships can be presented visually, their complexity can be reduced and therefore presented in a way which is easy to follow and to deliver accessibly in the company-based value added context. This not only applies to initial and continuing vocational education and training, but in principle also to supporting skilled work in modern, computerised working environments.

New articles

BIBB analysis: Learning to use media in training

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

BIBB analysis: Learning to use media in training

For the first time, the BIBB study "Using and producing media - development of media competency in vocational education and trainingng" provides a comprehensive cross-sectional analysis of the importance of media competency across occupational and sector boundaries and also devises a classification.