Division 4.1

Expert Point for Transition, Policy Issues

The work conducted by Division 4.1 revolves around the transition from school into training and work. This includes career orientation, pre-vocational training, and advice and support when making the transition as well as supported forms of training such as for young people and young adults with special needs. In this context, the implementation of equal treatment and equality of opportunity in terms of gender and cultural mainstreaming play a key role.

The Office for Transitions to Training and Work (überaus) is a service provided by Division 4.1 which targets those employed in practice, regional stakeholders, parties with interest in the concept, and political decision makers. überaus supports the transfer of knowledge between research and practice, provides advice on transition to stakeholders on committees, advisory bodies or involved in initiatives, and has a role to play in specialist events.

The online portal http://www.ueberaus.de supports stakeholders in the transition into training and work with a wide range of specialist information, interactive teaching and learning, as well as tools to support networking cooperation and organisation.

The “Vocational Orientation Programme Office” is also part of Division 4.1. The task of the programme office to implement different programmes and initiatives from the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) in the area of career orientation, for example the “Vocational orientation for refugees” support programme. The Division’s responsibilities also include coordination of the BMBF’s vocational education and training research initiative (BBFI) and implementing the administration of potential analyses as part of the ESF mentoring for the transition to the labour market. 


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