Department 4 - Initiatives for VET

The work of Department 4 revolves around the practical needs of target groups and focuses on solutions. Its duties include identifying the organizational, didactic and methodological conditions for shaping and organizing vocational learning; conducting programmes to promote and develop vocational education and training; providing flanking technical support for them; and assisting the introduction and implementation of innovative education concepts.

In this connection, it bundles application-oriented and implementation-oriented research, development and advisory tasks and carries them out in close contact with vocational training practitioners on the ground. Department 4 processes the findings from its work so that they can be transferred with lasting effect to VET practice in enterprises and vocational training facilities. The department's transformative and mediatory function incorporates users of services, solutions and innovation concepts into research and development processes.       


Prof. Dr. Michael Heister

Head Michael Heister



Klaus Weber

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Judith Frericks

Office Management Judith Frericks

Office Management

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