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Reference company system

Company surveys are an important instrument for discovering the assessment of practitioners with regard to issues within the field of initial and continuing vocational education and training. In order to avoid delays and the high costs that are incurred by repeatedly having to identify a new representative selection of companies, BIBB has introduced a reference company system.

This permits rapid and reliable analyses to be conducted on current topics relating to company-based training. Around 1,400 companies are currently surveyed once or twice a year on the latest issues affecting work-based VET. The results of these questionnaires are collated in reference company data, which is made available to the companies free of charge and on a regular basis as a consideration for their participation.

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Higher education drop-outs welcome – but no special treatment is on offer
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Monday, April 18, 2016

Higher education drop-outs welcome – but no special treatment is on offer

Companies are open towards providing training to higher education drop-outs. However, the vast majority of firms is against the concept of special training regulations and models for such persons. These are the results of a BIBB company survey presented in issue 2/2016 of the BIBB-Report.