One of the necessary pathways for increasing the attractiveness and effectiveness of the educational system in the Federal Republic of Germany lies in the improvement of both its vertical and horizontal permeability. Facilitation of access opportunities and transitions, which in turns leads to the fostering of individual learning biographies, career concepts and flexible educational careers, is currently one of the major policy and societal challenges facing Germany.

Monday, 6 February 2023


Although equivalence between vocational and higher education is a pressing policy endeavour, the objective remains unachieved in reality. This issue of BWP looks at the reasons for the differing degrees of esteem and investigates why these are so difficult to surmount.

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Cover BWP 3/2022
Monday, 8 August 2022

BWP 3/2022 – Flexibilisation

BWP shows solidarity with Ukraine and adapts its cover for this issue. In terms of content it investigates the question as to the ways in which greater flexibility is useful or even necessary for an effective and modern VET system without, however, jettisoning fundamental principles.

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