VET Glossary

VET Glossary

Terms of the German VET system

The glossary is a source for terms and definitions which are used in the field of vocational education and training. Emphasis is placed on its usage in the context of the German dual system. The VET Glossary is a work in progress and updated and expanded on an ongoing basis.

There is no single definition of the concept of healthcare occupations. In general, this category includes all occupations that have to do with health in the broadest sense. The state is only responsible for part of the healthcare occupations; many develop without regulation, i.e. without a state training regulation.

Source: BMBF (German) 

Healthcare sector schools provide training for non-academic health care occupations. Healthcare sector schools also include nursery schools, which are generally affiliated to hospitals and social care or social education institutions as independent institutions.

Source: GBE Bund (German) 

Higher education programmes are mostly academic programmes in the German education system but some of them offer vocational elements that link them to the vocational education system and the world of work.

Source: BIBB