VET Glossary

VET Glossary

Terms of the German VET system

The glossary is a source for terms and definitions which are used in the field of vocational education and training. Emphasis is placed on its usage in the context of the German dual system. The VET Glossary is a work in progress and updated and expanded on an ongoing basis.

Within the scope of vocational education and training, trainees learn to solve tasks and receive instruction at two main learning venues—the company and the vocational school.

The more important of these main learning venues is the former, at which they learn to cope with the realities of work. However, trainees cannot practise all stages of learning directly within the workplace. The aim is for them to be able to practise situations such as customer meetings, difficult calculations or installations in an undisturbed way and without experiencing the severe pressures of the actual scenario. Special rooms or learning zones located near the workplace but still offering the necessary peace and quiet for trainees to hone their skills without disrupting the ongoing work process provide suitable places for this purpose. It is important to the motivation of trainees that the work they perform is actually evaluated rather than merely serving as an object of practice.

Larger companies often have dedicated apprentice or training workshops. Such firms also have learning offices or teaching rooms equipped with computers, flip charts and other media. Some run small “junior companies” as part of the company providing training, which trainees use to offer products and services to their own company or other firms.

Further learning venues in vocational education and training may include inter-company training centres, rooms in which training support or assisted training measures are offered, or other company premises in circumstances where the company is providing cooperative training in conjunction with other firms.

Source: Jobstarter

All learning activity undertaken throughout life, which results in improving knowledge, know-how, skills, competences and/or qualifications for personal, social and/or professional reasons.

Source: CEDEFOP 2014, Europe

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