Division 2.2 - Commercial, Media and Logistics Occupations

  • Occupation-related and employment-related research to ascertain, analyse and investigate training and regulatory needs,
  • Regular scientific monitoring of technical, organizational, trade/industry-related, societal and international requirements and their development;
  • Developing the structures and curricula of occupational training programmes;
  • Implementing and evaluating regulatory instruments for vocational training measures;
  • Analysing system-related conditions in the vocational training field and pointing out possible ways of organizing and shaping vocational training;
  • Providing advisory and information services for the industrial and occupational areas:
    • Manufacturing and information technology
    • Financial services
    • Real estate, facility management
    • Trade
    • Transport services and logistics
    • Recreation and event industry, tourism, hotel and restaurants
    • Media and advertising sector, printing and paper sector
    • Tax consultancy, accounting, bookkeeping, auditing, legal activities
    • Community, social and personal services and for other occupations with a commercial focus


Gunther Spillner

Head Gunther Spillner

Dr. Heike Krämer

Deputy Heike Krämer


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