Division 2.4 - Electrical, IT- and Scientific Occupations

Electrical, IT- and Scientific Occupations

Policy and structural issues relating to occupations in the division and to advanced vocational training

Occupation-related and employment-related research to determine, analyse and review the need for qualifications, professionalisation and regulation

Analysis, development, trialling and evaluation of regulatory instruments including training and advanced training regulations for vocational education and training in the areas specified below

Modernisation of existing and the creation of new vocational training schemes, development and implementation of training and advanced training regulations and their evaluation

Long-term monitoring/early identification of developments in qualifications and of qualification requirements in the training market and in the employment system

Initiation, implementation, contribution to and consultation on international projects, consultation on structural matters in an international context

Coordination of international activities in department 2 and cooperation with the German Office for International Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training (GOVET)

Development of implementation guides

Research, development and consulting in the following commercial and occupational fields:

  • Occupations in electrical engineering, electronics, mechatronics, systems technology, rail operation Technology
  • Occupations in aircraft Technology
  • Occupations in information and communication Technology
  • Occupations in the field of safety and security
  • Occupations in technical building services and facility Management
  • Scientific and technical occupations
  • Optical occupations
  • Occupations in surface Engineering
  • Environmental engineering occupations
  • Renewable energies
  • Commercial or technical occupations in the public sector
  • Occupations for training personnel

Other areas of focus are Economy 4.0, permeability, policy issues relating to vocational upgrading training, VET consultancy in the international field.


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