Division 2.3 - Industrial and Technical Occupations

Industrial and Technical Occupations

  • Occupation-related and employment-related research to determine, analyse and review the qualification and regulation requirement;
  • Long-term monitoring of technical, organisational, trade/industry-related, social and international developments;
  • Structural and curricular development of initial and continuing vocational education and training occupations;
  • Implementation and evaluation of regulatory instruments for initial and continuing vocational education and training occupations;
  • Development of “Structuring training” implementation aids for new and updated occupations
  • Conceptional development for the structuring of the vocational education and training system;
  • Research, consulting and provision of information in the following commercial and occupational areas:
    • Agricultural industry and related occupations
    • Construction industry
    • Mining
    • Stagecraft
    • Food
    • Geoinformation technology
    • Design technology
    • Glass, porcelain and ceramics sector
    • Wood technology
    • Construction technology
    • Metal technology
    • Musical instrument making
    • Interior design and advertising technology
    • Shipping
    • Textile, garment and leather technology
      and other occupations with an industrial and technical orientation
    • Traffic technology


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