Division 2.5 - Teaching and Learning, VET Staff

Teaching and Learning, VET Staff

The focus of Division 2.5 is on fostering quality assurance and quality development in vocational training in general and, in particular, on ensuring quality assurance by training and professionalising instruction personnel, promoting distance learning, and assessing distance vocational training courses as legally mandated tasks that have the aim of fostering quality.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Developing strategies, blueprints, processes and criteria for quality assurance
    Quality of vocational training instruction and learning processes (incl. quality of e-learning)
    Quality of vocational training offerings and providers (checks, certification)
    Accreditation procedure for certifying facilities
  • Ensuring quality assurance by training and professionalising instruction personnel
    Analysing job structures and professionalisation paths of instruction personnel
    Analysing vocational training offerings, concepts and technologies (in national and international contexts)
    Analysing changes in vocational training practice that are of relevance to the requirements placed on instruction personnel; vocational guidance
    Providing assistance for trainers by developing, testing and providing methodological-didactic concepts and aids (such as information products, learning platforms, etc), training for instruction personnel
  • Fostering distance learning
    Monitoring and analysing developments in the distance learning field
    Informing parties interested in distance learning and advising distance learning providers
    Development projects to improve vocational distance instruction (tasks pursuant to Section 90, para 3, number 4 of the Vocational Training Act)


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