The fifth wave of the qualification and occupations projections from 2018

The fifth wave of the BIBB-IAB qualification and occupational projections forecasts the development of labour supply and demand until 2035, differentiated according to 141 occupational groups (three digits) in the 2010 classification of occupations. It is based on the methods of the previous waves. Another new feature is the calculation of indicators that reflect the skilled personnel situation in the occupation.

The QuBe baseline projection reflects labour market developments if existing trends and behaviour are maintained in the education system and in the economy. It thus makes a consistent development path visible. Scenarios are used to illustrate developments that deviate from the baseline projection. The "Economy 4.0" scenario, for example, makes it clear what a labour market development could look like if, in particular, sectors that have so far been little digitised demand new technologies more strongly than hitherto.