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The Division 1.5 Research Data Centre processes the research data collected in the BIBB research projects for secondary utilisation purposes under observation of the data protection provisions and makes it available to external research for a certain period of time. The research data is extensively documented, standardised and archived for long term storage. The Research Data Centre moreover extrapolates classifications regarding the respective research data (occupations, industry sectors, socio-economic and socio-demographic characteristics, regional identifiers) and thus contributes to the evaluation range of the BIBB project data records.

In addition, the Division 1.5 is responsible for the BIBB's Referenz-Betriebs-System (RBS – Reference Company System). The profile of the Division 1.5 is further complemented by its own branch of social and economic occupational research, active collaboration in the German Data Forum (RatSWD) as well as by network collaboration with other national and international research data and data service centres and data archive.

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Head Research Data Centre:

Dr. Holger Alda



Daniela Rohrbach-Schmidt

Dr. Daniela Rohrbach-Schmidt