Division 1.3 - Economics of VET

Economics of VET

Theoretical and empirical aspects of the economics of education - in other words: the costs, benefits and financing of initial and continuing vocational training - are the focus of the work of Division 1.3.

Division 1.3 continuously conducts studies on the costs and benefits of initial and continuing vocational education and training. Another focal area deals with public-sector spending on vocational training. Here the focus is on the efficacy of training measures and public funding programmes, in addition to the scope, structure and development of this type of spending. Division 1.3 is also responsible for international work in connection with continuing vocational training.

As a result, the section's research tasks are closely linked with advisory tasks. Its core tasks are therefore making information and documents quickly available for use in the decision-making process in the vocational training policy field and investigating in scientifically founded ways topics of relevance to education policy, day-to-day education practice and education research.


Prof. Dr. Harald Pfeifer

Head Harald Pfeifer

Dr. Caroline Wehner

Deputy Caroline Wehner


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