Division 1.2 - Qualifications, Occupational Integration and Employment

Qualifications, Occupational Integration and Employment

One of the core tasks of Division 1.2 is to identify training trends and new training requirements on the employment market at an early point in time and put this information to use for regulatory work and training research. For this purpose, Division 1.2 monitors and analyses structures and trends in individual occupations, fields of activity, industrial sectors, companies and continuing vocational training offerings. These activities are linked with the work being done by Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the FreQueNz research network. Another area of focus is the field of quantitative occupational and qualification research. Surveys of employed persons and comparative analyses of secondary statistics from representative data sources on vocational training and occupations assign special attention to issues regarding the connection between and use of education and vocational qualifications in gainful employment. The third area of focus entails studies that examine the processes of occupational integration and transition to the employment system following completion of initial and continuing vocational training. Division 1.2 conducts surveys and analyses secondary statistics in connection with these focal areas.


Prof. Dr. Robert Helmrich


Dr. Michael Tiemann



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