Division 1.1 - Vocational Training Supply and Demand, Training Participation

Vocational Training Supply and Demand, Training Participation

The division monitors and analyses quantitative developments on the education and training market, the relationship between demand and supply and the training opportunities for young people resulting from this, as well as structures and developments in the system of dual vocational education and training. Long-term monitoring and field research is carried out for this purpose. Important bases for this are the BIBB survey of newly concluded training contracts on 30.9, which is conducted by the division; the trainee data from the vocational education and training statistics of the Federation and Länder statistical offices; as well as the integrated VET reporting (iABE).

The division is also responsible for preparing the annual data report for the Report on Vocational Education and Training, and performs key preliminary work for the annual Report on Vocational Education and Training by the Federal Government. In addition to the ongoing development of indicator-based VET reporting, research is also conducted into current issues in the area of education and training policy.


Bettina Milde


Dr. Joachim Gerd Ulrich



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