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Dual vocational education and training not leading to a qualification - causes and further VET histories

An analysis on the basis of the 2011 BIBB Transitional Study

Beicht, Ursula ; Walden, Günter


Not all young people entering vocational education and training in the dual system actually successfully complete such training. Although many go on to continue their incomplete training in another occupation, the worst case scenario is a permanent exit from participation in education and training. For this reason, failure to complete training within an occupation frequently represents a problem for both the trainees and for the companies providing training. There are, however, many questions that require clarification. How often do trainees fail to obtain a qualification because they end (or have to end) training prematurely or because they do not pass the final examination? Are there factors that significantly increase or decrease the risk that dual training ends without a qualification? From the point of view of the young people, what are the reasons why their training terminates prematurely or unsuccessfully? What is the later career progression of young people who remain without a qualification following initial vocational education and training? How likely are they to progress to dual training once again or to another from of fully qualifying training? The present report will address these issues using the database of the 2011 Transitional Study conducted by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB).

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