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Profile of an occupation – optician

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Modernised advanced training at specialist level – a connecting link in the career concept of the motor vehicle craft trades sector

Bretschneider, Markus ; Schäfer, Kristina

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Lesson planning at vocational schools in the transitional sector

Findings from a qualitative study

Schöner, Maximilian ; Trumpa, Silke

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Competent action in non-routine situations

Studies on workplaces in chemical and pharmaceutical production

Conein, Stephanie ; Felkl, Thomas

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Tapping into green hydrogen at an international level

Niediek, Silvia

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Green skills in public transport

New advanced training programmes for the transport transition

Robels, Britta ; Kirsten, Katja

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Employability orientation acting as a guiding principle for transformative learning

Six impetuses for education for sustainable development

Born, Volker ; Hemkes, Barbara ; Kuhlmeier, Werner

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Strengthening sustainability and resource efficiency at companies – strategies and action options

Stiebel, Jochen ; Lemm, Lasse ; Melzig, Christian

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Continuing training for transformation in the automotive industry

Peer learning – an approach offering potential for companies in Thuringia

Hünniger, Julia ; Michaelis, Lennart ; Seitz, Stefanie B.

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Vocational education and training and green transformation in Europe

Mohoric, Andrea

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