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Advanced training versus higher education qualifications - a comparison of incomes

Hall, Anja

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Report on the Board Meeting held on 13 December 2023

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Profile of an occupation – hydraulic technician

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Four modernised occupations in environmental technology

Schneider, Verena

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The German-Swiss Agreement on the Equivalence of Vocational Qualifications

Hollmann, Christian

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Continuing training mentoring at the company

Collegial and low-threshold advice on an equal basis

Winkler, Marina

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The “Occupations and Competency Radar”

A new dataset and online data portal for vocational education and training research and practice

Schnepf, Timo ; Seegers, Marco

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Role reversal in apprentices recruiting

Which firms search applicant profiles in a targeted way?

Mohr, Sabine ; Ebbinghaus, Margit

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Overcoming language barriers

Text optimisation for inclusive vocational examinations using AI

Hanck, Christina ; Lorenz, Sabrina ; Pabst, Christopher

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Recommendations on continuing training

Development of an AI-based decision management tool

Fischer, Andreas ; Lorenz, Sabrina ; Pabst, Christopher

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