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Report on the Board Meeting held on 20 June 2023

Vollmer, Thomas

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Profile of an occupation – plant mechanic for sanitary, heating and air conditioning systems

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Modernisation of training in the occupation of motor vehicle body and vehicle construction mechanic

Bretschneider, Markus ; Schad-Dankwart, Inga

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The SCHOOLPLATE Project – continuing training is an ongoing learning process

Hanau, Eva ; Pantke, Dominique-Navina

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Interlinked orientation provision for vocational and academic training

The perspective of the participants

Neu, Ariane

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Development of a concept for competency-oriented, digitally aided and practical final examinations in nursing training

Nagel, Lisa ; Stirner, Alexander ; Wrona, Kamil J.

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AI-powered language generators in vocational final examinations – information and discussion urgently needed!

Schürger, Barbara

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From knowledge to skills

Employability skills-oriented final examinations in Switzerland

Strebel, Alexandra ; Petrini, Barbara

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Using company orders for competency assessment

A model within the scope of the Dual Competency Testing Proposal

Friedrich, Daniel

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IHK examinations over the course of time

How digitalisation can further develop the examination system

Schönefeldt, Nico ; Ibba, Jessica ; Schwarz, Anja

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