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BIBB REPORT 09/09 - Many bright spots - but shadows too

The quality of dual vocational training from the trainees' point of view

BIBB REPORT 09/09 - Many bright spots - but shadows too
AutorInnen: Beicht, Ursula; Krewerth, Andreas; Eberhard, Verena; Granato, Mona
ISSN 1869-2761
URN urn:nbn:de:0035-0367-3
Reihe BIBB Report
Erschienen 2009
Verfügbar auf Englisch | Deutsch

Vocational schools and firms that provide in-house vocational training (training companies) have considerable freedom in how they organise and conduct 'dual' vocational training programmes. Germany's Vocational Training Act and training regulations for the respective occupations stipulate the parameters and content for the in-company part of vocational training that apply nation-wide and the states' school laws and curricula provide the foundation for the part of vocational training that is provided by vocational schools. However our knowledge about how training companies and vocational schools currently shape and organise their day-to-day training on this basis and how trainees rate the resultant quality of their training has been insufficient to date. To learn more, the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) surveyed some 6,000 trainees undergoing training for 15 occupations that can be learned in the "dual" vocational training system (which combines part-time vocational schooling with practical work experience). This survey revealed the strengths of the dual vocational training system as well as areas which work on quality development - which is frequently called for - should tackle.