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BIBB/BAuA Employment Survey 2012

BIBB-FDZ Data and Methodological Reports Nr. 1/2013; Version 6.0

BIBB/BAuA Employment Survey 2012
AutorInnen: Hall, Anja; Rohrbach-Schmidt, Daniela
ISSN 2190-300X
URN urn:nbn:de:0035-0848-7
Reihe BIBB-FDZ - Daten- und Methodenberichte
Erschienen 2013
Verfügbar auf Englisch | Deutsch

The present data and methodological report contains a brief documentation of the Scientific Use File (SUF) of the BIBB/BAuA Employment Survey 2012. The publication of a more extensive data set version and documentation is planned for the spring of 2014. The Scientific Use File includes all cases (n=20,036) contained in the original data but, for example, no sensitive variables and only a selection of the newly generated variables. This version can only be accessed as a Scientific Use File via the BIBB-FDZ. The more extensive data publication planned for the spring of 2014 will include, on the one hand, sensitive variables which can then be evaluated via remote data processing or at the workplaces for guest researchers in the BIBB in Bonn. In a addition, a larger set of e.g. newly generated variables will be made available for the SUF on request. Starting in 2014, the SUF will then be distributed via GESIS as well, just like the previous Employment Surveys.

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