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Training regulations and how they come about

8th, revised edition

Training regulations and how they come about
URN 0035-0644-6
Reihe Informationen aus dem BIBB
Erschienen 2017

This brochure provides information on a unique procedure for the development of training regulations. The arrangements form the basis for initial training in the dual system, in which many young people in Germany begin their vocational qualification. This procedure has the great advantage that its results are fully accepted by training practice. It involves those affected – employers organisations for the enterprises and trade unions for workers – in all important decisions about the content, objectives, duration and requirements of training. How does this procedure operate? Experts from training practice develop the outlines of the new training regulations together with the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) and harmonise them with the draft framework curricula in consultation with experts from the vocational schools. Employers and trade unions promote the new training regulations in the enterprises and the Federal Government gives them the force of law.

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