Wages and occupational flexibilities as determinants of the interactive QuBe labour market model

A methodological report on the basic projection of the 3 wave of the BIBB-IAB qualifications and occupational field projections; Heft-Nr. 149

Wages and occupational flexibilities as determinants of the interactive QuBe labour market model
Authors: Maier, Tobias; Helmrich, Robert; Schandock, Manuel; Neuber-Pohl, Caroline; Bott, Peter
ISBN 978-3-88555-957-3
URN urn:nbn:de:0035-0535-3
Series Academic Discussion Papers
Date 2014
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The BIBB-IAB qualification and occupational field projections describe the labour demand and supply development until 2030. The discussion paper includes the underlying data, methods and assumptions of the third wave of the long-term BIBB-IAB Qualification and occupational field projections (QuBe project). Taken into account in the present third wave was the increased future net immigra-tion as a consequence of the European economic crisis. In addition, empirically founded dy-namic interaction processes between labour supply and demand by qualifications and occu-pations have been modelled for the first time. On the demand side, for example, the available occupation-specific labour supply in persons and hours is taken into account when determin-ing wages for the respective occupations. On the supply side, the advantages of the two hith-erto applied supply models BIBB-FIT and BIBB-DEMOS have been combined in one supply model and the wage elasticity coinciding with occupational flexibility has been estimated at the same time.

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