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Our digital Publications Index offers cross-media access to the publications of the Federal Institute. This page explains the particular characteristics and features of the various formats.

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Important information regarding your order

  • All prices include statutory VAT. Shipping costs are not included.
  • The contractual partner with which you are placing an order (a publishing house or BIBB) will be displayed before you enter into a binding commitment by sending your order.
  • If you place an order with more than one contractual partner, you will receive separate delivery from each publisher. If you order publications for which a charge is made, you will receive separate invoices in the case of deliveries from more than one contractual partner and will also be invoiced for shipping costs for each delivery.
  • It is not yet possible to place orders from abroad. In such a case, please contact Internetredaktion.

Orders via media service providers

  • Some products can be purchased as printed works from Barbara Budrich Publishers/Leverkusen. Your order in the publishing directory is processed directly via the Barbara Budrich Publishers. In this case the BIBB acts merely as intermediary.
  • For publications purchased from Barbara Budrich Publishers, the Barbara Budrich terms and conditions apply and payment is by invoice.
    Barbara Budrich Publishers - GTC: https://shop.budrich-academic.de/agb/?lang=en
  • You are able to cancel your order with the publisher without giving reasons for two weeks after receipt of goods. Timely dispatch is deemed sufficient for compliance with the deadline for withdrawal. The contract of sale is not valid until after expiry of the cancellation deadline.
  • Contact in case of complaints:

    Barbara Budrich Publishers
    Stauffenbergstr. 7
    51379 Leverkusen
    Telefon: 02171 344594
    Telefax: 02171 344693
    Email: info@budrich.de

Orders from BIBB

  • BIBB products are listed separately from the products of the publishing houses in the shopping cart.
  • The following contractual conditions apply to products for which BIBB is the contractual partner: General Terms and Conditions.

Further information concerning your order of BIBB publications:

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If you have any questions or suggestions for how we could improve our ordering system, please direct your comments to the Internet Editing Department at the Federal Institute.